The Most Trusted Experts on the Planet

Ken Hardison

Myrtle Beach, SC

Sean Olson

Denver, CO

Phil Herman Dayton, OH

Kevin Bard

Petersburg, KY

About The Academy

The Academy of Published Authors was established to recognize local experts everywhere on the planet. Experts have books and this is why The Academy is comprised of authors who have demonstrated superior expertise in their chosen industry and who have chosed to communicate that knowledge through the pages of their book.

They are trusted in their local community and respected among their peers. They offer sound advice and base their reputation upon their uncompromising integrity. These are people you can trust.

Membership in The Academy is by invitation only and is awarded to published authors who are recognized as experts in their community and who provide tremendous value to their clients.

The Academy is a private group of like-minded professionals and does not publish member information.

Questions about the Academy of Published Authors?